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Founded in 2010, their first years of performances throughout Sweden quickly became a great success due to their technical skills, personal expression and musical sensitivity combined with great teamwork and true joy of performing in concert. Their music making has taken them to Australia, USA, England and Denmark and they are soon to be on their way again; to Estonia, England and Norway.


Sareidah and Joakim explore the potential of the flute and guitar duo as a chamber ensemble with eager curiosity and have taken it to a high and captivating level. 

Although classically trained, their range includes a variety of genres. Combining folk traditions from various countries with classical and artistic virtuosity has become one of their hallmarks. Their first CD ’Footprints’ was released in April 2013, illustrating their interest in classical music with a traditional focus. The CD includes Argentinian tango, American folklore, Indian raga and Swedish folk ballads.


They manifest their passion for music in many ways. One is to showcase Swedish composers. Music by Benjamin Staern, Emmy Lindström and Mattias Lysell was premiered 2013 in both Sweden and Australia. 2015 will include new premieres by Andrea Tarrodi, Daniel Nelson, Mirjam Tally and Mauro Godoy-Villalobos.

Their relaxed and natural approach on stage and their generosity with personal thoughts about music and life, is much appreciated by their audiences. The Haga Duo’s philosophy is one where there is no difference between professional and private life - it is all simply - LIFE.




”After having played the Tango Suite myself on numerous occasions and listened to maybe 30 recordings and recitals, I was impressed and pleasantly surprised by all the new approaches brought to it by the Haga Duo. It was like hearing the piece for the first time - again!”

Mats Möller, flutist and board member Björnlunda Chamber Music Society


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In 2020 Haga Duo receives fundings from The Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet)

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